Detect possible failures early and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Our Technology

Eternal Trust to Your Machines

With SensHero, you can avoid unplanned downtimes and have endless confidence in your machines. Senshero warns you about malfunctions in machines with its unique digital twin and machine learning solutions before malfunctions occur. Thus, you can take the action required by your maintenance equipment without your machine’s breakdown, and you can prevent big losses caused by the breakdown of your machines.

Why SensHero?

Unlock Your Potential

Minimize your losses thanks to SensHero’s high accurate solutions by just predicting potential failures before they occur and maximize your productivity.

Compatible with all Machines

Regardless of machine type, detect possible breakdowns with the help of the innovative Digital Twin and Big Data approach of SensHero in one solution.

Fast Installation & Deploy

Take initial accurate results in 4-6 weeks after installation without need for historical data and understand your machine’s health immediately.

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Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

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Less Maintenance Cost & Longer Equipment Lifetime

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Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC 2020) Turkey after the teams made the final presentation SensHero was one of two winners the chance to represent Turkey attempts to go global.

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